Curator’s Privilege :: At The Last

I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last He will stand upon the earth.
Job 19:25

I’m grateful that God raises the dead.  And that where Jesus has gone, His followers will also go. That is truly good news.

Thank you for praying, meditating, looking and listening along with me this past season.  I’ve loved this group, and I’ve truly enjoyed the discussions, reflections and responses of so many of you.

This Lenten season, our little devotional project has grown to the point where it has far outstripped my ability to keep up with all of the messages you’ve sent. I originally intended for this to just be used for my local congregation at West End Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia (United States).  But quite a large international group has developed.  We topped 1,500 daily blog subscribers, tons of others reading the printed guide, following via their church website, or using social media from all over the world. I wish I was able to respond to your messages individually– I can only do so now in this post.

At this point, I’m planning to take a break next Lent. I’m hoping to return to school  this year, so I expect my free time will have to be used that way.  But I’ll keep you posted if I another plan develops.

Thought I would sign off with a variety of music today.   Like I said, “Curator’s Privilege”.

As we enter into this Easter season I pray that you would know the Lord is risen, indeed.


sound  ::  Into the Mystic (Alternate Take), Van Morrison (1970)

sound  ::  Resolution, John Coltrane (1964)

sound  ::  Drifting Too Far From the Shore, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, and Tony Rice (2000)

sound  ::  Messiah, Amen Chorus, George Frideric Handel (1741)

sound  ::  Fare Thee Well, Oscar Isaac and Marcus Mumford (2013)

image :: Noon Rest After Work, Vincent Van Gogh (1890, French)

Noon Rest After Work, Vincent Van Gogh (1890)


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