Join Me for the 2015 Lenten Readings

The time is fulfilled,
and the kingdom of God is at hand;
repent and believe
in the gospel.
Mark 1:15

Sheridan Theatre, Edward Hopper (1937, American)

image :: Sheridan Theatre, Edward Hopper (1937, American)

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Each day between Ash Wednesday (February 18) and Easter (April 5) you’ll receive a brief scripture passage, written hymn, art work & occasional music in your inbox. We hope it will be a help to us all in prayer and reflection.

We’ll consider our need of the salvation that Jesus Christ provides, and our desire to grow in His grace.  We’ll  walk the road to the Cross, and hope in Christ’s resurrection together.

Learn more about the season of Lent here and this year’s texts & readings here.


P.S.  I know I said I would take the year off this year.  I’ve changed my mind.  More that change of mind later.

sound :: Once Around the Block, Badly Drawn Boy (1999)


  1. Donna Jarvis

    Thanks Kevin. This will be my first experience with your Lenten readings. I look forward to it and ask God’s blessings and love to lead us all through this season.

  2. Emily Ward

    Kevin – Greetings from Charlotte, NC! What a blessing to hear you were offering the Lenten Readings as I was just searching online yesterday for something to help me with observing Lent, starting tomorrow. So happy to be connected with WEPC again. 🙂

    • Hi, Jennifer–

      Thanks for joining in this year! If you received a message in your email inbox, you should be good to go. Most devices show “You are following this blog” from the main page if you are already registered, or “Follow this blog via email” if you still need to register.

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