Thursday February 19 :: Wrath & Mercy

View each day’s reading in its proper format with audio at www.lentreading.wordpress.comGeorgia O’Keeffe, The Lawrence Tree, (1929, American)image  ::  The Lawrence Tree, Georgia O’Keeffe (1929, American)

“In wrath remember mercy.”
Habakkuk 3:2

Thine anger at what I have done,
O Father, I mournfully bear,
But look to thine innocent Son,
Whoever entreats thee to spare!
Be mindful of Jesus, and me:
Thy mercy he suffered to buy,
And what he procured on the tree,
For me he demands in the sky.

Charles Wesley, Short Hymns on Select Passages of the Holy Scriptures (1762)

sound  :: Winter Trees, The Staves (2013)

[O’Keeffe was just getting started in New Mexico. “…There was a long weathered carpenter’s bench under the tall tree in front of the little old house that [D.H.] Lawrence had lived in there. I often lay on that bench looking up into the tree… past the trunk and up into the branches. It was particularly fine at night with the stars above the tree.”]

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