Monday March 7 :: New

Blossom, Phil Greenwood (2003, Welsh)

image :: Blossom, Phil Greenwood (2003, Welsh)

Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth,
and the former things shall not be remembered.”  
Isaiah 65:17

He died, but He vanquished death;
in Himself, He put an end to what we feared;
He took it upon Himself and He vanquished it,
as a mighty hunter He captured and slew the lion.  
Where is death? 
Seek it in Christ, for it exists no longer outside of Him. 
It did exist and now is dead. O, Life!  O, death of death!
Be of good heart; it will die in us also. 
What has taken place in our Head will take place in His members;
death will die in us also.  But when? 
At the end of the world, at the resurrection of the dead,
in which we believe and concerning which we do not doubt.

Augustine of Hippo, 5th century

sound  :: The Force, Lettuce (2015)

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