The 2017 Lenten Readings begin Wednesday

“Our God comes; He does not keep silence.”
Psalm 50:3

original-art-fumihiro-kato-21st-c-japaneseimage :: Fumihiro Kato (21st century, Japanese)

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The Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday, and it lasts until the Saturday before Easter Day. The last week of Lent is called Passion Week, which includes both Maundy Thursday (the institution of the Lord’s Supper) and Good Friday (the crucifixion of our Lord).  Reminiscent of Jesus’ fasting for forty days in the wilderness, the Lenten season lasts forty days (not counting Sundays).

Lent is a time to ask God to confront our own mortality and sinfulness; to ask Him to show us our need for grace; to grow in repentance; and, to reflect on the amazing truth of the Church’s participation in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This Lenten season, my church will be meditating on John 12:20-26 often in worship as we ask our Heavenly Father for power to follow Jesus Christ. Only as Jesus leads us in losing our lives do we bear fruit, gain life, and grow in seeing & knowing Him together.

sound  :: Sleepytime in the Western World, Blitzen Trapper (2008)

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